Dialogue With Doctor. Part 3. The Union of Our Hearts

Dialogue With Doctor. Part 3. The Union of Our Hearts

274p. 60х90/16

This is the third book in the series ‘Dialogue with the Doctor’.
Dr Sergey Konovalov continues to answer questions from distance patients and to reveal the essential theses of the Doctrine.
The book includes several chapters of future books that the Doctor is planning to publish: ‘Thoughts Aloud or a Talk With Yourself’, ‘Modern Man's Depression’, and ‘Russia — Look From Within’.
Additionally, Dr Konovalov dedicates a separate chapter to explain the nature of virus, viral diseases, and virus entry into the whole-organism context.
There are chapters dedicated to the results of the distance self-treatment at home and to examples of applications of the books, healing leaflets, and water. The Doctor's new conference is also published in the book.

The book contains the healing energy leaflet. This book is not a manual of medicine. All recommendations must be discussed with your physician.


M.D., Ph.D., Professor
Sergey Konovalov